The Social Hub launches the Better Society Academy, a signature series of masterclasses aiming to empower the next generation of social changemakers

Co-designed by the acclaimed learning experience partner Hyper Island, three multi-day Masterclasses will take place at The Social Hub locations across Europe over Spring-Summer 2024.

Themed to some of our world’s most pressing topics, the immersive learning experiences offer thought-provoking and inspirational programmes designed to learn, connect and co-create.

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands (8 April, 2024) – As a facilitator to life-long learning that happens within its spaces, hybrid hospitality leader The Social Hub announces the Better Society Academy: a signature series of masterclasses seeking to empower the next generation of social changemakers. Taking place over the course of Spring-Summer 2024, the three multi-day in-person sessions – themed to some of our world’s most pressing topics – will offer attendees the opportunity to engage in a thought-provoking and inspirational programme supported by inspiring subject matter experts. Co-designed by acclaimed learning experience partner Hyper Island, each Masterclass will bring together a curated, dynamic group of individuals to acquire new and practical skills, network with extraordinary peers and ultimately be inspired from an immersive learning experience. Applications are now being accepted for the program and open to passionate individuals from non-profit organizations, academic institutions, socially-conscious private companies and beyond. A total of 40 grants are being offered by The Social Hub to cover all participation costs for deserving young leaders in financial need.

Better Society Masterclass 2023: a successful pilot

The Social Hub seeks to continuously redefine the way thousands of guests that walk through its 18 hubs every year experiences its spaces, including surprising ways that create community, foster dialogue and spark concrete change. These choices are made consciously, using expertise, values and beliefs to create more impact to the causes where The Social Hub can make the most difference. ​All this is centred on the belief that together, we create a better society and that through meaningful connections, dialogues, and communities a positive effect on our world can be generated. However, oftentimes within social change movements themselves, challenges arise when collaborating and developing goals, strategies, and actions while preserving autonomy and diversity. With this in mind, in 2023 The Social Hub developed a Better Society Masterclass pilot project with a clear objective: to support talented individuals with a thought and personal leadership-driven, community-powered, and experience-based programme with the best possible conditions for their initiatives - and themselves - to thrive.

The 2023 pilot, hosted at The Social Hub Amsterdam City, proved to be a success (link). It featured a three-day programme focused on the theme of diversity, equity & inclusion, engaging a diverse group of 27 LGBTQIA+ activists and professionals from across Europe. Throughout the masterclass, an immersive learning experience fostered powerful, meaningful and honest conversations on grassroot needs and lived experiences while developing practical skills; all facilitated and guided by an inspiring network of fellow leaders, mentors and experts. These included figures such as Randstad CEO Sander van 't Noordende, human rights activist and Member of the Senate of the Netherlands Boris Dittrich, UN Independent Expert on sexual orientation and gender identity Graeme Reid alongside Founder of the Milkshake Festival Marieke Samallo, founder of the legendary House of Vineyard Amber Vineyard, and queer social justice warrior Aynouk Tan.


Better Society Academy: The 2024 Masterclasses

The Social Hub is rolling out the Better Society Academy across Europe in 2024 with three Masterclasses planned throughout the Spring-Summer, co-designed by Hyper Island based on its acclaimed methodology which moves beyond theoretical discussions and empowers participants to actively engage, collaborate, apply, and reflect. This holistic approach ensures that learning becomes a meaningful and lifelong journey, enabling individuals to not only acquire knowledge but also develop the competencies and mindset necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world. The 2024 edition is comprised of three themes chosen as aligned with The Social Hub’s core impact strategy and causes supported:

Theme 1 – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Co-creating an inclusive & equitable society

The Social Hub Vienna (28– 31 May 2024); application deadline: 10 May

Building on the successes of our 2023 Better Society Masterclass pilot, which explored LGBTQIA+ issues, the first 2024 session will focus on DE&I as a driver for social sustainability. 


Theme 2 – Social Impact: Rethinking strategies to amplify your impact

The Social Hub Glasgow (11-14 June 2024); application deadline: 24 May

The second 2024 Masterclass will deep dive how impact-driven leaders and organisations can make a mark on positive social change across several issues. 

Theme 3 – Climate Action: Shaping the future for the planet

The Social Hub Amsterdam City (9–12 July 2024); application deadline: 21 June

As the global climate emergency grows, the final 2024 Masterclass will bring together talent from across the environmental sustainability space to collaborate on ideas to further generate action on this important topic.


Masterclass fees are priced starting at EUR 2,030  (Vienna & Amsterdam) and GBP 1,735 (Glasgow) and includes participation in the 3.5 day immersive learning experience and engaging social program, a 4-night stay at The Social Hub, as well as all meals. In an effort to empower young changemakers from underrepresented communities or in financial need, The Social Hub is also allocating 50% of Masterclass  passes to grants by the company which will cover all costs. Additionally, members of The Social Hub community – students, coworkers and alumni – will receive a 30% discount. A 20% “early-bird” discount is also available to all interested attendees. Further details on pricing, discounts and the grant application process can be found here: Link.

Frank Uffen, The Social Hub’s Managing Director of Community & Partnerships remarks, “Building on the success of our 2023 pilot project, we’re proud to unveil the Better Society Academy: a thought-provoking initiative that aims to bring together changemakers from across Europe and beyond to learn, connect and co-create. We are thrilled to once again leverage our dynamic spaces and our network to help empower emerging leaders to continue to tackle important issues, ultimately helping to together build a better and brighter society.” He added, “We are also excited to further leverage our strategic partnership with Talent Garden and the group’s acclaimed learning experience company, Hyper Island, as co-designers of this year’s Masterclasses.”

Heidi Rundt, the CEO of Hyper Island, concluded, “At Hyper Island we are thrilled to be co-designing The Social Hub’s Better Society Academy, a cutting-edge program that explores some very critical topics relevant to our world today. We will do so by leveraging our unique Hyper Island methodology, which emphasises real-world challenges, collaborative learning, and the importance of human skills such as resilience, critical thinking, and life-long learning. We are confident that our methodology aligns seamlessly with the goals of each of the three Masterclasses taking place this year; this ensures that participants are not just passive learners but active contributors to co-creating a more inclusive, equitable society, driving sustainable business initiatives, and collaborating for a more sustainable future. We very much look forward to, in a very transformative way, empowering leaders who are prepared not just to navigate the challenges of tomorrow but to innovate for a better future.” 



About Hyper Island

Hyper Island envisions a world where learning is a lifelong journey, empowering individuals to adapt and thrive in an interconnected world. Founded in Sweden in 1996 Hyper Island has transformed education, equipping individuals and organisations with essential skills to navigate dynamic environments globally.

With hubs across continents – from London to São Paulo, Stockholm to Singapore – and strategic partnerships with industry leaders, Hyper Island's impact is felt worldwide. Through diverse learning solutions including master's degrees, vocational diplomas, open courses and tailored solutions, Hyper Island cultivates innovation and resilience, empowering over 5,000 alumni globally through the Hyper Island methodology and experience-based learning approach.

Committed to a vision of lifelong learning, Hyper Island shapes the future by empowering individuals and organisations to drive positive transformation in an ever-changing world. Through its innovative approach and global reach, Hyper Island continues to lead the way in preparing tomorrow's leaders for the challenges ahead.

About The Social Hub

Driven by a purpose to create a better society, The Social Hub is a pioneer in the hybrid hospitality industry, offering spaces where guests from all walks of life can learn, stay, work and play. With hotels located across Europe’s most dynamic cities, The Social Hub connects and creates a unique community of travellers, students, business professionals, neighbours, and more.

From hotel facilities, student and extended stay rooms, co-working spaces, through to auditoriums, gyms, event spaces and a comprehensive social impact programme including its TSH Talent Foundation, The Social Hub is a place where people can connect and learn from one another, build a community and engage in unique experiences that help spark ideas and make change happen.

Founded in 2012, The Social Hub is headquartered in Amsterdam and counts with more than 1,000 employees. The company’s total locations amount to 23, including 18 hotels and over 10,000 rooms currently operating in Amsterdam (two hubs), Barcelona, Berlin, Bologna, Delft, Eindhoven, Florence, Glasgow, Groningen, Maastricht, Madrid, Paris, Rotterdam, San Sebastián, The Hague, Toulouse, and Vienna. Five hubs are currently in development: Porto, Florence Belfiore and Rome will open in 2025, while Lisbon and Turin will welcome guests further ahead. For more information:

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