The Social Hub takes centre stage during Pride Amsterdam as ‘The Pride Hub’

Amsterdam 24th July 2023 - This summer, for the first time under its new brand name, The Social Hub (formerly The Student Hotel) boldly renews its commitment to driving positive change and creating a more inclusive society. During Pride Amsterdam, The Social Hub Amsterdam City takes the centre stage as The Pride Hub, becoming a hub for collaboration, community engagement and celebrations. One of the highlights is the first-ever Better Society Masterclass: a platform for change agents to learn new skills, expand their network and collaborate to amplify their collective causes.

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A new brand rooted in belonging for everyone

From the moment The Social Hub opened its doors, it has been dedicated to creating safe spaces where individuals can freely express their true identity. This unwavering commitment has fostered a strong bond with the LGBTQIA+ community. In line with their mission to prioritise community connections and to better reflect their hybrid hospitality offer, the company rebranded last year, transitioning from The Student Hotel to The Social Hub.

Year-round The Social Hub offers lectures and workshops on important LGBTQIA+ related topics delivered by their ambassadors such as Amber Vineyard and talent such as Michelle Rodríguez; providing a platform for change makers within the community and enabling them to make a bigger impact and reach a wider audience.

Facilitating change agents within the LGBTQIA+ community

Frank Uffen, Managing Director at The Social Hub: “We recognise that true change comes from grassroots; from the voices and initiatives of people within and around the community. We embrace our role as facilitators, providing the resources and opportunities for change makers to take the lead and shape the conversation. PRIDE Week holds a special place for us as it serves as the pinnacle of our yearly activities. It’s a momentous occasion where we come together to celebrate the remarkable progress we have achieved and set our sights on the crucial challenges that lie ahead.”

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The Social Hub’s Pride 2023 activities and events 

Following the success of PRIDE 2021 and 2022, The Social Hub will be transformed into The Pride Hub during Amsterdam PRIDE for a third year in a row, amplifying its presence as a captivating host for an extensive line-up of dynamic Pride-related events.

The Better Society Masterclass - The Social Hub launches its first-ever Better Society Masterclass, an impact-driven learning platform to shape the next generation of emerging social transformers. With inspirational talks, upskilling sessions and workshops led by international leaders like Ron Simpson, Marieke Samallo, Jason M. Primrose and Arianna Nencini, the three-day masterclass pays special attention to how collaborations and partnerships form the building blocks of a better society.

Pride University lecture series - Pride University is a collaboration between the higher educational institutes from Amsterdam, including. VU, HvA, Inholland, UvA and ROC Amsterdam. The lectures are given by prominent members within the LGBTQIA+ community such as Hanna van Vliet and Haroon Ali. 

Pride Hub events -  The Social Hub hosts several events varying from a panel talk about love, relations, intimacy and sexual autonomy in the trans community to a workshop for everyone that’s interested in ensemble singing with fellow LGBTQIA+ singers.

‘No Sleep Till Inclusion Is Real’ Campaign

All activities during Pride are part of The Social Hub's new campaign “No Sleep Till Inclusion Is Real”. The campaign calls attention to the struggles of the Queer community, celebrates their achievements and amplifies their voices. By focusing on what keeps us up at night, The Social Hub aims to foster a more inclusive society, turning every sunrise into the possibility to make the world a better place.

The Social Hub x Pride 2023

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About The Social Hub

The Social Hub hosts a diverse community where people come to learn, stay, work and play. The Social Hub’s leading hybrid hospitality concept is designed to welcome students, tourist, neighbours and entrepreneurs to create meaningful and fun experiences under one roof. From hotel facilities, student rooms and coworking spaces to auditoriums, gyms, event spaces and social initiative programmes. It’s a place where people can connect and learn from one another, a place to find and build a community, where connections grow, ideas spark and change happens. Whether a local, traveller, student or professional, The Social Hub connects guests with passionate people from all walks of life to meet, while sharing ideas and experiences. The Social Hub is on a journey to be as responsible and impactful as possible. With ‘social’ at the centre of its name, The Social Hub focuses on creating a better society and a fairer and greener world through its programming for the community and impact from business operations. Founded in 2012, The Social Hub, formerly known as The Student Hotel, is headquartered in Amsterdam and has more than 800 employees.

The Social Hub’s total locations amount to 23, with 16 properties open in Amsterdam City, Amsterdam West, Barcelona, Berlin, Bologna, Delft, Eindhoven, Florence, Groningen, Maastricht, Madrid, Paris, Rotterdam, The Hague, Toulouse and Vienna. Three new hubs will soon open in Glasgow, Porto and San Sebastian, with properties also opening in Florence Belfiore, Lisbon, Rome and Turin by 2025. With nearly 10,000 rooms across Europe, The Social Hub aims to offer unique experiences to its community of international guests and locals.

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