Europe’s top travel hidden gem destinations, revealed

A new study by The Social Hub uncovers the top hidden gems in Europe and the UK

  • Following a deep dive analysis of online press coverage and social media conversation, Ljubljana is uncovered as Europe’s top ‘hidden gem’ destination in Europe.
  • Copenhagen, Krakow, Florence and San Sebastian feature among the top locations in continental Europe meanwhile Glasgow is the best destination to visit in the UK.
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Amsterdam, The Netherlands (March 2024): With millions of TikTok and Instagram videos posted every day sharing the most popular travel locations, hidden travel gems are now more than ever difficult to come by. Hybrid hospitality leader The Social Hub’s latest study advises travellers on Europe’s top hidden gem destinations in 2024 for those who want to explore less-known cities whilst avoiding crowds. 

By analysing data such as review ratings, number of mentions in online articles and TikTok and Instagram coverage, The Social Hub has revealed some of the best-hidden gem locations across continental Europe and the UK. 

The full research can be found here.

Ljubljana ranks as the top hidden gem destination in Europe outside of the UK, with only 1,961 article mentions and an average review score of 4.5 out of five.

In the study, the Slovenian capital ranks as number one, with the lowest number of Instagram hashtags (2,068), highlighting its coveted undiscovered status. It also has the fifth-lowest number of article mentions over the past month (1,961). The city has an average review score of 4.5, showing that despite its low social media recognition, it is considered the best hidden gem destination. 

Following in second place is Copenhagen, mentioned in 3,766 articles in a month. It’s more recognised than Ljubljana, but keeps a lower online profile compared to other cities. Its average review rating of 4.7 shows how incredible the city is for tourists.

Krakow comes in third. With 2,087 article mentions, it’s slightly more recognised online than Ljubljana, but a better-kept secret than Copenhagen. It also has just under 98 million TikTok hashtag views, the lowest number on the list on top of having an impressive average review rating of 4.5. 

Here is a list of the top 15 hidden gem destinations in Europe:

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Glasgow ranks as the best UK travel destination, with an average review rating of five out of five, the best score on the list. 

With a fairly low number of article mentions (8,897) and a monthly search volume of 1,300, the city maintains a hidden allure. It’s tagged with 5.5 billion TikTok hashtag views and over 8.6 million on Instagram. Glasgow has mastered the art of combining popularity and modesty, making it the top UK destination. 

Another Scottish city in the top three with Edinburgh coming in second place, joining both Glasgow and Manchester with a review score of five out of five. It is ranked fourth on the list for the lowest number of article mentions (6,145), and seventh for the lowest number of TikTok hashtag views (3.5 billion). 

Third in the ranking, also with an average review score of five, is Manchester. Featured in 70,000 articles, Manchester is more popular online than the top two cities, and is tagged with just over 19 million Instagram hashtags. 

Now that the secret is out, in-the-know travellers can take advantage and explore those hidden gems spots! The Social Hub has locations perfect for short and long-term stays, as well as with co-working spaces for digital nomads, located in some of the cities in the ranking such as San Sebastian, Florence, Rotterdam, Bologna, and Glasgow (opening April 1st).

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Methodology and sources

We analysed 33 of the most popular and hidden gem cities in Europe and the UK, and compared them against a series of metrics, including:

Each metric received a score out of 10 to create a final index. 

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