We proudly present: TSH Amsterdam City & Groningen are the official Pride Hotels for 2022

TSH Amsterdam and Groningen will be turned into Pride Hotels for Pride 2022 with extensive and diverse programming. Join us in exciting workshops, Pride University lectures, and more at TSH Amsterdam City and Groningen.

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‘My Gender, My Pride’. That’s this year’s theme of the world-famous Amsterdam Pride – and TSH is excited (and very proud) to announce that once again The Student Hotel Amsterdam City will turn into the official Pride Hotel for Pride 2022! 


TSH locations are places where open, curious, and adventurous people from across the globe can meet and connect, and where acceptance, tolerance, and open-mindedness are at the core of the community. TSH offers platforms and safe spaces for the LGBTQIA+ community to celebrate diversity and love, connect, share, and educate one another and the public.


This year promises to be an Amsterdam Pride edition to never forget. Over the course of 9 days, there’ll be over 300 events including a Pride Walk and Canal Parade, and people from all over the world will come to the Dutch capital to celebrate love and diversity together.

And the festivities will not only be held in Amsterdam this year. The city of Groningen is bringing Pride up North for the very first time, and TSH Groningen will be the very first Pride Hotel there!  More on that further down in this article.

The official Pride Hotel: TSH Amsterdam City

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We’re proud to say TSH Amsterdam City is confirmed as The Pride Hotel for the second year in a row now, transforming its spaces into a platform for the LGBTQIA+ community to connect, share, and educate. True to our name and mission of lifelong learning, we are hosting a wide range of events for the community and beyond. From a Pride University program with a full line-up of workshops and interactive lectures in collaboration with local universities to Chinese queer movies and vogueing masterclasses, there’s something on for everyone at the Pride Hotel in Amsterdam.

To sign up for the events and for the latest updates on the program, check out pride.amsterdam.

30 July - 7 August

Photo Expo Kings by Maayan Ben Gal

10:00 - 19:00  

Maayan Ben Gal started with photography more than 2 years ago. He photographed the 'Kings' with Richard Avedon in mind. He created a sterile environment in which the viewers are forced to look at the characters outside of their natural environment.

United Painters: QUEER LETTERS 

10:00 - 19:00 

Thamon Ihsan van Blokland, Dre Urhahn, Marije Lytske Hester, Ebrima, Zalla & Asu.

Born out of the Favela Painting project in Rio de Janeiro, United Painting is a collective of artists, writers, and designers with a shared passion for creating huge works of art in unexpected places around the world.

From refugee camps to public squares, United Painting is a growing movement of creative activism, embracing all who love to participate - because they believe that: "united we paint, divided we fail…"


Saturday 30 July 

Ryan is zwanger

17:00 - 20:00

Documentary screening about the incredible story of Ryan and David. If you run into this couple on the street, you wouldn't think they could have a child together, but as far as they're concerned, they will. Ryan (they/them) is a trans person with a big desire to have children.


Sunday 31 July 

Finding your Queer Voice. Workshop for ensemble singing

13:30 - 15:00

Are you a high soprano of any gender? A baritone that is tired of singing in that straight white male register?

Do you have a non-binary low C? Are you famous for your lesbian legato? Or are you a bear with a flute register? Come and join us!

During the Pride festivities, GALAkoor Amsterdam will organise a workshop for everyone that is interested in ensemble singing with fellow LGBTQIA+ singers.

All voice types are welcome. We hope for a diverse mix of sopranos, altos, tenors, basses, and undecided voices, so we can work on building a nice harmony. The workshop will be led by GALAkoor’s new conductor Joost van Velzen.


Book presentation #NIETGAYGENOEG (LGBT Asylum Support)

15:00 - 18:00 

Presentation book about LGBTI asylum seekers who are “not gay enough”.

Every years dozens of LGBTI asylum seekers are rejected by the Dutch government and IND because they are “not gay enough”. The LGBT Asylum Support helps these people and made a book about their story.


Zijn Joden Wit? (Are Jews White) (this event is in Dutch)

17:00 - 19:00

In 2021, the Jewish Museum hosted the exhibition "Are Jews white?"

Curated by Gideon Querido van Frank, Lievnath Faber and Anousha Nzume. On why anti-semitism is often the forgotten child in intersectional activism.



20:00 - 21:30

Theatre performance ‘Slakje’ tells the true story of a man who carries a heavy burden for years. A story that is not only his, but of men and women who are forced into prostitution, being sold or traded, abused or tortured, which leads to an addiction that is stronger than common sense.

(Slakje also shows on Monday 1 August from 13:30 - 16:00 & Sunday 6 August from 20:00 - 22:00)

Monday 1 August 

Pride and Sports presents STOOK: ‘t is stil aan de overkant’.

16:30 - 18:15

‘t Is Stil Aan De Overkant is a performance about two best friends who are about to break through as professional football players. Things don’t go as planned when it becomes clear that one of them is carrying a big secret.

Pride University #1: Cross-dressing & Queer Desire in William Shakespeare

17:00 - 19:00

William Shakespeare wrote the most famous love poem in the world about a man, and his plays were full of cross-dressing and queer kisses. In other words, the works of William Shakespeare were pretty damn queer. In this lecture, we'll explore the queerness present in the works of William Shakespeare in the context of the time in which they were first presented.

Tuesday 2 August 

Pride University #2.1: Gender and Sex in the Animal Kingdom

16:00 - 17:00

During this lecture, Roy Veldhuizen, city ecologist for the city of Amsterdam, and editor and presenter of ‘Steken en Prikken’ at ZAPP/BNNVARA will speak on how gender and sex works in the animal kingdom.


Pride University #2.2: Inholland presents Vineyard World

17:00 - 19:00

What is vogue in all of its glory and meaning? A mini lecture and masterclass Ballroom/Vogue by ballroom pioneer and Mother of House of Vineyard, Amber Vineyard.


Workshop Maurits Brans | Alternative Swearword Gay  - This event is in Dutch

17:00 - 19:00

Alternative swearword gay: gay is the number 1 swearword in the schoolyard among young people. Gay is not only used as a term of abuse in schoolyards but also on the street, in sports clubs, and in football stadiums. Join this brainstorm session on the topic.


Wednesday 3 August 

Pride University #3: Intersectionality, but how?

17:00 - 19:00

In this talk, we will face the complexity of intersectionality together. With humour, a personal note, lots of questions, and hopefully some answers, we will focus on the 'how' of intersectionality. How can you implement this concept into your life and work, without getting stuck on simplifications?


Thursday 4 August 

Pride University #4: VR for Diversity - From Damsels in Distress to Gaymers

17:00 - 19:00

In this lecture, we will first take a dive into video game history and the ways gender has been represented throughout the years, hopping from Miss PacMan to Lara Croft and from Donkey Kong to Horizon Zero Dawn. The lecture will include the presentation of the HvA research project 'VR for Diversity'. We’ll proudly present the experience of Amelia's Dream on sexism and gender(in)equality and our Virtual Museum Exhibition about LGBTQIA+, created by the students of the Master Digital Design.


Projekt IK

17:00 - 18:00

In the theatre performance Project IK, Amadi is doing everything she can to become a well-known blogger and influencer. But the likes, shares and comments are not coming. Her obsession to be seen gets bigger and bigger…. at the same time the feeling of emptiness also grows.


Transgender evening

17:45 - 23:00

On the occasion of the Amsterdam Pride, Transgenders Amsterdam will hold its monthly Transgender evening in The Student Hotel. During this event, conviviality, meeting each other and exchanging experiences are the heart of the experience.


Respect2Love Workshop: Healing & Self Care

18:00 - 20:00

Self care is important for everyone, but our community is often confronted with violence, exclusion, and prejudice, which makes it even more important. By Andrea Vogelsanger. 


Friday 5 August 

Caro Ilias de Feijter performance: Now that my breasts are off we can lie closer to each other (this performance is in Dutch)

14:00 - 16:00

Caro Ilias de Feijter is neither man nor woman, but non-binary. Sometimes they felt it would be better to keep their identity hidden. Caro Ilias underwent breast removal surgery and from that moment decided not to hide any longer.


Pride University #5: Pinkwashing 101 - how organizations engage with LGBTQIA+ themes and how it should be done

17:00 - 19:00

In this interactive masterclass, Anna Berbers will address the topic of pinkwashing and how it is experienced by LGBTQIA+ individuals. Many organisations communicate about LGBTQIA+ topics with the outside world in advertisements and in their social media presence, much more often during pride. With this communication, companies try to present themselves as an ally to LGBTQIA+ individuals, while their behaviour towards this group is in some cases less than supportive. We will discuss different sides to this topic and explore how corporations can communicate more inclusively, without engaging in the ‘sin’ of pinkwashing.


A Guide to Loving Me: Zine Workshop by CHA4OS Theory

17:00 - 19:30

Skip the small talk, and send them instructions! In this workshop, we will focus on love languages and use zines to each create ‘A guide to loving me’. You can then hand these out to friends or lovers, new and old. This will be a space to really explore, understand and discuss what makes you feel loved or not, regardless of what is considered the norm. Come reflect, connect, and create with us, we have glitter! No prior skills or knowledge are required and you have no obligation to speak or share if you are not comfortable. 

Chetana Pai is an interaction technologist, podcast host, artist, and workshop facilitator who founded CHA4OS Theory, an organisation that aims to get people to connect and reflect through making with their hands. 


NEW RAINBOW CHINA: Chinese LGBTQ+ films and panel on the history of Chinese LGBTQIA+ activism

20:00 - 22:00

Film screenings:

China PK Queen (2021 China) |  Dir: Xiagang Wei  | 37:30 mins

Jessica is an online professional Drag Queen in China. Each day of the week he gets online to perform and to receive “gifts” from his fans. Although he enjoys being a Drag Queen, he not only has to prove his talents and skills but also to fight against prejudices and discrimination. Even if the space for drag shows in China is constrained, he is always looking for opportunities to perform in front of live audiences.

New Beijing, New Marriage (2009 China) | Dir: Fan Popo | 18 mins

On Valentine’s Day, a gay couple and a lesbian couple chose to have their wedding photos taken on the Qianmen Street. It was a beautiful Spring Day in Beijing. People who witnessed the event include local residents and tourists from all over the country. Would they understand what was going on?

ASIAN PRIDE Drinks and Afterparty


Join us to celebrate the inauguration of Asian Pride with a drink and snacks for all participants, guests, and audience members. Everyone is welcome to dance and chat! 

Pride in the North

TSH Groningen - Building
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TSH Groningen - Building

You might think Pride in The Netherlands is only celebrated in Amsterdam – but for the first time this year, you can also find the festivities in the north of the country. And Pride Groningen has a little TSH touch, too! Former TSH City Connector Pascal Rakers founded Pride in this student city – and saw TSH Groningen as the best fit to host the organisation’s programming. The organisers of Groningen Pride are turning The Student Hotel Groningen into the official Pride Hotel for the first time.


Pride Groningen will host a diverse, educational, and above all colourful program, taking place at TSH Groningen (among others) on 19th and 20th of August. Expect talks, lectures, exhibitions, a Drag Queen brunch and more. Find the full program for Pride Groningen below. 

To sign up for the events and for the latest updates on the program, check out pridegroningen.nl.

19 - 20 August

Photo exhibitions

08:00 - 00:00

You’ll find The Kind Effect & Regenboogouderen (Rainbow elderly) photo exhibitions in the lobby of The Student Hotel Groningen.

Friday 19 August

Drag Queen Show with Anastasia

20:00 - 00:00

Get ready for an unforgettable Drag Queen Show with a DJ playing the finest tunes all evening alongside your favourite drag queens.

Saturday 20 August

Drag Queen brunch in The Commons

11:00 - 13:00

Head over to The Student Hotel Groningen’s restaurant The Commons for a fabulous brunch with drag queens.


See you soon at TSH Amsterdam City or Groningen!

We look forward to welcoming you to the Pride Hotels of 2022. And if you’re around anyway, why not stay the night? We’ve got plenty of comfortable rooms for you to rest up after celebrating Pride. Book your stay here.


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